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Under 8'S Club Registration

To ensure your child's registration for the league, it is important to update your child's photo on their FAN (Football Association Number) account on the Wholegame system. Failure to update the photo may result in the league not registering your child.

It's important to note that the club holds no responsibility if your child is not registered in time due to incorrect information, lack of ID, or failure to provide the necessary photos by the specified deadline. Please make sure to comply with the given instructions and provide the required information promptly to avoid any registration issues.

Annual Registration fee 2023/2024

This football season will continue through to next year, April 2024. It is mandatory for all participants to pay an on-off annual registration fee of £150. Training days are scheduled on Wednesday and Saturday. The Annual registration fee contribute towards various expenses, as shown below.

Club Annual Fee Breakdown (£150 - multiple payment options available):

  • Administration Fees

  • League fees

  • FA Affiliation fees

  • Referee fees

  • Club insurance

  • Home Kit

  • Away Kit

  • Match Pitch Fees

Team Training Subscription (£65 monthly/ £20 per session) - Our team training monthly subscriptions are not included in our annual fee, instead are available to book seperatly on our 'find a session' page. Our team training is exclusively for our team members and contribute towards the following expenses:

  • Coach Fees

  • Pitch fees

Terms and Conditions:

1. Payment Policy:

The club fee and associated costs are non-refundable. Payment is required upon registration to secure a spot in the club.


2. Payment Authorization:

By providing your payment information, you authorize us to charge your account for the subscription fee and any other applicable fees.

3. Commitment and Attendance:

I understand that regular attendance at training sessions and matches is expected to fully participate and benefit from the club's program. I commit to attending training at least once or twice a week as directed by the club.

4. Termination:

First Touch Academy reserves the right to terminate your membership without notice if you engage in any behaviour that is deemed unacceptable, including but not limited to abusive language, physical aggression, or illegal activities.

5. Release of Liability:

By signing up for FC First Touch, you acknowledge that there are inherent risks associated with athletic activities and training sessions. You agree to release FC First Touch, its employees, and affiliates from any liability for any injuries or damages that may occur during training sessions, events, or other activities.


6. Contact with the Academy:

All communication between the customer and First Touch Academy shall occur via email or phone call only. No WhatsApp messages or other forms of communication will be accepted or replied to unless stated. All purchases made by the customer, including registrations and bookings, must be made directly through the Academy.


7. Code of Conduct:

In joining FC First Touch, players and parents agree to adhere to the club's code of conduct. The code of conduct includes the following guidelines:

I. Respect the coaches and volunteers of the club and communicate with them in an appropriate manner.

II. Stay outside the field of play and behind the Designated Spectator Area, if provided.

III. Refrain from using offensive, insulting, or abusive language or behaviour.

IV. Always respect the decisions made by the match officials.

V. Applaud effort, good play, and success.

When attending youth games, additional expectations include:

I. Remember that children play for fun.

II. Allow the coaches to do their job and avoid confusing the players by giving them instructions.

III. Encourage the players to respect the opposition and match officials.

IV. Refrain from criticizing players for making mistakes, as mistakes are part of the learning process.

Violation of the code of conduct may result in action being taken by FC First Touch. The coaches are open to discussing any concerns you may have and appreciate it if you raise them at an appropriate time and manner with your child's coach.

It is important to answer coaches' correspondences regarding match fixtures. If you are facing travel difficulties, the club will do its best to assist with transport but cannot always guarantee it. Please contact your child's coach in a timely manner if you require assistance.


FC First Touch is affiliated to the London Football Association and the Tandridge league. Both bodies aim to ensure a safe environment for all players of the game. If a child receives a yellow or red card during a game, or if their behaviour after the game is deemed inappropriate, the incidents will be reported to the FA or the League by the referee or officials from the opposition.

Incidents that may be reported include the use of offensive or threatening language, persistent or reckless fouls, lack of respect towards match day officials, or any other behaviour deemed inappropriate. The League and FA will then review each reported incident.

As a result, the FA and the League may issue player fines. The fines start at £10 and can increase depending on the severity of the incident. There is also a late fine charge of £15 for any fines paid late.

By registering for FC First Touch, parents agree to promptly pay any individual player fines issued by the FA or the League. Failure to pay fines will result in the immediate suspension of the player from all training and games until the fine is paid.

I. If you are struggling to pay fees, please contact T, our Administration on 07538548318.

II.  Failure to pay fees on time or maintain payments will result in your child being dismissed from the team.

III. Unpaid personal fines issued by the league or the FA from any matches will result in your child not being selected for matches until these fines are paid.

IV. FC First Touch reserves the right to dismiss a player from the team.

V. The club operates a no refund policy if your child is signed by another club, asked to leave the club due to ill-discipline, or simply does not wish to play for the club. However, if a player is released from the club for other reasons, the club will consider the circumstances for a refund on a case-by-case basis.

VI. If you have outstanding fees from the previous season, you will not be permitted to register for the current season until those fees are paid.

VII. If players are not in match kits for games or training kits for training, they may receive a £5 fine.


8. Parental Involvement:

I understand that parents are expected to allow the coaches to coach players during training and matches, refraining from shouting out instructions from the sidelines.


9. Safety and Well-being:

I understand that FC First Touch prioritizes the safety and well-being of all players. I will promptly inform the coaches of any medical conditions, allergies, or injuries that may affect participation.


10. Photography and Media Consent:

I give consent for FC First Touch to use photographs or videos of the player for promotional and media purposes, unless otherwise specified in writing.

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First Touch Annual Membership (Option 1)



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