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First Touch Academy brings Academy level training to the community.

We provide personal football coaching for players of all abilities.

First Touch Academy have introduced BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATES and ADVANCED classes.

Our Academy

Whether you're an aspiring footballer, newcomer to the game or would just like to build confidence, whilst making a few new friends... our academy is just right for you!

Each classification has a set of goals and criteria that each player will strive to achieve, enabling them to rise up a tier.

Our regular sessions will help build a basic balling foundation and help improve technique, speed, power and overall love of the modern game.

Our aim at First Touch Academy is to encourage youth development and establish a strengthened foundation for their future within football.

A philosophy we embody through our weekly sessions; focusing on individual fundamentals, motivating the children to become the best players they can be. All whilst in a fun and safe enviroment

Our coaches will deliver a fun and comprehensive training syllabus that will challenge each individual player, whilst encouraging growth and development.

Coaches will focus on a different theme each week and various techniques for players to learn and execute.

Our Vision

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