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Head Coach

Elijah Williams

Head Coach and Founder of First Touch Academy, has been a qualified coach since 2011.

His aspiration to build and develop First Touch Academy is motivated by his unique methods of coaching, supported by his immense experience within the field of football.

Coach Eli is able to recognise strengths and weaknesses within a group as well as individuals, and adapt the style of play to enhance team performances.


Louis Hiobi

Coach Louis has been a new and refreshing addition to First Touch Academy, having joined the team in 2020.

Louis brings a youthful and vibrant approach to our training programme.

Coach Louis' coaching experiences, having been an FA Coach since 2018, he has been able to implement his fresh ideologies of performance management and coaching techniques.


Josh Williams

Coach Josh has been with us since the very beginning.

Josh is a valuable member of the team, who brings bags of experience, currently playing for Whitsable Town FC.

Coach Josh trains and mentors our players, offering professional and quality guidance throughout the seasons.

He has a tough but technical approach, and has quickly become a favourite amongst the kids.



Any questions? Need help navigating through our site? Pricing?

'T' has also been with us from the very start. She works behind the scenes to help maintain First Touch Academy and keep things running smoothly.

T is always happy to help answer any queries you may have in a friendly and speedy manor, so do not hesitate to drop us an email/call. 

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