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FC First Touch

At FC First Touch, we're passionate about building strong teams that are focused on success. That's why we're excited to offer 2-3 teams for youngsters between the ages of 7-12. Each team will have a specialized playing style and training program to optimize performance and ability. Our focus is on teamwork above all else, although we value each individual player and their unique skills. With First Touch FC, each player will have a specific role to play on the team, helping us to build success together.


We'll be selecting players through a rigorous trial period, so you can be sure that our team is comprised of the most hard-working and professional individuals. Once you're on the team, we expect a high level of commitment and attendance at practice; Wednesday and Saturday. Our coaches are dedicated to developing each player's skills and abilities through a carefully crafted training program that includes positional play and active participation in team formations.

Welcome to the FC First Touch, London's premier football club of the future!

Our aim is to become the best football club in London by providing top-quality club, academy, and merchandise offerings to our fans.

As a true supporter of the game, you will surely find something special at FC First Touch!

Our Club

At the Academy, our goal is to play an attractive, offensive style of football that emphasizes possession and playing out from the back. We believe in keeping the ball on the ground and utilizing tight spaces with quick, one and two-touch passing. Our players will work together to create triangles over the ball, playing a fast, tiki-taka style of football with fluid movement and clear communication on and off the pitch. In addition, our team will employ a higher press across the field of play, putting pressure on the opposition at all times.

We believe in technical excellence and prioritize the development of our players' skills with a focus on playing a highly technical style of play. Our coaches will work with each player in a very detailed and technical way, helping them to become the most skilful players they can be.


Finally, we take great pride in the hard work and dedication of our players. We know that football requires hard work, and we expect our players to work hard both on and off the pitch. Every player is expected to show a positive attitude, a commitment to their own development, and a willingness to push themselves to be the best they can be.

Join us at First Touch FC and become part of a team dedicated to excellence!

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